Suggested Prayer Group Activities

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Thinking about starting a JPII prayer group? 

Here are a few suggestions about what you can do once your group is formed:

- Basic biography study.  Learn about his life… he was born May 18, 1920 and Died April 2, 2005… and all you have to do (as a group) is learn what happened in between!

-Focus on the devotion to his Cause… this can be done in prayer and the promotion of his Cause in your local area

-Join your prayer group to devotions that were important to JPII: 

  • He venerated Saint Jadwiga (Feast 10-16). 
  • He wore an “old Brown Scapular” that he said was “a help and defense in times of danger, a seal of peace and a sign of Mary’s care…” (cf Peggy Noonan). 
  • He wrote his Doctoral thesis on St. John of the Cross. 
  • He desired to become a contemplative Carmalite but was directed by his archbishop to become a parrish priest.
  • Contemplate his motto of “Totus Tuus”. 
  • His devotion to our Lady of Fatima. etc.etc.

-Study his writings, from the Angelus talks to his many Encyclical letters.

-Create and distribute prayer cards... you can be as creative as you'd like, and it is a great way to interact with people who might not come to a "formal" group meeting.  Be sure to include information about your group along with the prayers/pictures on the cards to help recruit new members or encourage support in other ways.

-Make posters or flyers that promote the Cause and promote your group.  Ask permission to post them in "Church" areas like the Rectory, social hall, schools, bulletin boards at the church or diocese, etc. etc.

-Create a website that helps promote and organize your group.

-Pay for or ask for donated space in the daily/weekly parrish newsletter or diocesean newspaper.

-Produce and start a podcast about your group activities.

-Purchase study materials like the "Threshold of Hope" series by EWTN to increase your knowledge about JPII.

-Encourage the group to download for free the EWTN podcast of "Threshold of Hope" and use it for discussion at your next meeting. 

-Eucharistic adoration


-The Rosary

-Lectures on such themes as the dignity of the human person, the genius of women, etc.

-The Pope’s plays: “Our God’s Brother”

-Candlelight vigils on days special to JPII

-For students at your local Catholic schools:

  • Essay contests
  • JPII Lesson of the day
  • School assemblies: music, talks, and prayer

“Man achieves the fullness of prayer not when he expresses himself, but when he lets God be most fully present in prayer.” Easter Mass 2003

Please send me an email- if your group is doing something you’d like to share with others… and let me how you are doing out there.